Wobbler Feeder - Recoquip

Wobbler Feeder


The disc machine is very robust capable of working under difficult conditions, ideal for supporting material of large pieces and cuttings of clay material and with high humidity.

This machine has revolutionized the traditional feeding system for jaw crushers or primary crusher

We recommend using this machine when:

– The size of the stones to be crushed in a primary plant exceeds 500 mm;
The material in nature to be crushed, contains a high percentage of clay and therefore needs separation from the stone
On the recycling facilities of materials coming from before it is crushed

In the selection plants:

– To select ground from crushed stone

With some variants, the wobbler feeder can also be used in coal selection.

The “GR” series grid is made of large thickness profiles, the shafts in manganese steel castings are supported outwardly with large lubricated grease pads. The inside of the machine is armored with wear-resistant sheet metal. Transmission is carried out with a gearmotor and a series of lubricated grease chains.