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The filtration is one of the most important treatments to which primary water, treated wastewater or sea water are subject, in order to use them. It consists in the removal of small-sized particles, particularly light and difficult to remove by other type of treatment.
In nature the filtration takes place through soil layers having the most varied chemical and physical characteristics. The same effect is produced with various technologies such as the filtration by gravity and filtration by pressure and by using filtering media as sand, quartz, active carbon, fabrics and special felts, cartridge filters and others.
The filtration processes proposed by SERECO are suitable for the filtration of potable water, for the removal of iron and manganese, for tertiary treatments of municipal and industrial sewage, for the treatment of sea water.
FSQ – Quarz sand water filter
FCA – Activated carbon water filter
FTG – Gravity drum filter
FDG – Gravity disc filter
ABSWF – Automatic backwash seawater filter