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Venturi Mixer Series




The Venturi-Mixer Series of continuous parallel flow drum mixers combines high productivity and simplicity to produce high-quality mix with high reliability.

Years ago, CMI introduced the first parallel-flow recycling drum mix plant capable of producing RAP mixes while enabling operators to maintain productivity and acceptable emission control.

The key to efficient operation of these plants lies in a design concept which provides optimum fuel combustion and control of heat transfer to both virgin and recycle aggregates.
These designs utilize sophisticated flighting that makes use of radiant, forced convection and conductive heat transfer with minimal shell loss.

Available as portable drums in capacities of 225 to 500tph and in stationary drums up to 600tph.

The Venturi-Mixer features a unique design that allows recycled material to be used without blue smoke generation, reduces dust loadings in the exhaust gas while keeping final mix and exit gas temperatures in close relation to each other.


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