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Two or Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab



Clamscell Grabs are the optimum solution for any bulk material, that can be used on all hoisting devices 2 or 4 rope or crawler cranes.


Equipment for handling sand, gravel, rubble, etc., suitable for underwater excavation, rivers, seashore, etc. Constructed entirely in HARDOX steel to guarantee toughness, durability, and limited weight, this gripping and moving equipment has dependent moving valves driven by mechanical arms and pulleys. The limited required maintenance can also be conducted by unskilled staff and includes greasing and a periodic structural check (pins, bushings, welds, etc.). The equipment was designed for heavy use in dusty, sandy, dirty, and extremely hot or cold conditions. Easy installation on all Liebherr type cable machines or on portable cranes of types Fantuzzi e Reggani, Goteborg, etc.


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