TWICE Telescopic 800 - Recoquip

TWICE Telescopic 800


Available Model: T.800


Hydraulic shredder for miniskids, loaders, telescopics and mini-backhoes up to 4,0 ton. Suitable for the maintenance of public and private green, parks and gardens. Studied to work both right and left. The minimum height of the cutting head (30 cm) allows to work under solar panels thanks to the telescopic arm of which the machine is equipped standard.

Standard Equipment:

Front protection adjustable and / or removable
Adjustable rear roller Ø 100 mm (optional)
Bi-directional rotor with flails type “A”
Hydraulic rotation of the arm : 180°
Telescopic arm
Head with hydraulic rotation and floating position
Universal type” fixing plate for miniskid“
Controls with teleflexible cables (arms movements, start and
reversal rotor)