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Trashmaster TM-8 and TM-11



Four-wheel, full-width compaction geometry combined with the highest compaction force in the industry, CMI Trashmasters can lengthen the operational life of a landfill by delivering higher material density in less time.

Many of today’s municipal landfill operators are space limited, with a finite capacity of remaining landfill air space while facing an ever increasing volume of refuse from a growing population and economic activity. CMI Trashmaster can lengthen the life of every open landfill cell by delivering higher material density at a lower cost.

Wheel design, configuration and drive mechanics combined with mainframe design concept, enables the CMI Trashmaster to quickly and reliably densify landfill refuse consistently in all weather and landfill conditions.

Full-width, four-wheel compaction swathe with the highest compaction forces in the industry
Powerful drives for ALL wheels
Advanced anti-wrap technology to greatly reduce debris axle entanglement
Four full fenders to reduce debris flinging
Steel, forged alloy wheel cleats

Trashmaster TM-8

Designed for medium and smaller municipal landfill operations, the CMI Trashmaster TM-8 has features designed to maximize material density and lengthen landfill life.

Paramount to any landfill operation, compactor availability is necessary to effectively spread and compact material each and every day. The CMI TM-8 utilizes simple, easy to understand systems with unmatched maintenance crew access.

Trashmaster TM-11

Landfill life and profitability comes down to density of the fill material and how efficiently the material is placed and compacted. The very high performance of the TM-11 is designed for arduous duty in today’s high volume landfill operations.

The semi-U shaped blade ‘funnels’ most materials to the center, then beneath the blade and four independently powered, hydrostatically driven steel cleated wheels of the TM-11.


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