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Transportable Baler COMPACT PHJ



PJ balers belong to the new COMPACT range, are built on a solid single piece frame and are fitted with 4 hydraulic lifting jacks giving them the ability to unload themselves from a trailer. PJ balers are fast to install, easy to relocate where needed and do not require expensive foundations making them ideal for companies who need to move their baler from time to time or for customers who own multiple yards. The main compression cylinder, diesel or electric engine and all hydraulic components are housed in a protective metal covering at the rear of the squeeze box. Although compact in size, TAURUS BLULINE PJ balers utilize the same twin compression wings with over stroke as found on TAURUS BLULINE´s larger stationary shears and balers. Both the internal and external surfaces of each wing as well as the squeeze box surface are coated in highly wear resistant Hardox steel. The patented over stroke function on both wings ensures maximum bale density while greatly reducing ware in the squeezebox. PJ series balers come with a box length of 5 or 6 meters and can be equipped with 1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders per wing. A remote control comes as standard while an operator’s cabin and/or crane will be provided if required.


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