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TMH and TM Single-screw Extruders

Single-screw Extruders


Reliable and extremely versatile, Bausano single-screw extruders from TM series are designed for transformation of thermoplastic polymers such as polyolefins (HDPE, PP), styrene polymers (PS, ABS), methacrylates (PMMA), polycarbonates (PC) and for extrusion of PVC from granules.


  1. panel on board the machine;
  2. management with microprocessor;
  3. grooved feeding zone;
  4. direct coupling;
  5. motor-reducer;
  6. gear unit oil cooling assembly;
  7. screw designed for every type of material;
  8. melt temperature and pressure sensor;
  9. synchronisation with the rest of the end-of-line and with any co-extruders.