TECNIK Piston - Recoquip



Available Models: 1150, 1350, 1600, 1900, 2250, 2500


Hydraulic shredder for miniskids, loaders and telescopics up to 15 ton. Designed for machines to cut grass,
brambles, bushes and reeds.

Standard Equipment

Steel frame with internal counter-frame double frame
Transmission with toothed belt in kevlar on toothed pulleys
Static knife
Rear roller Ø 140 mm
Front protection flaps
Helical rotor with possibility of use two different types of flails
Spherical roller bearings on double sphere row
Unidirectional engine with external drainage at axial pistons
Anticavitation valve
connecting hoses ingoing – outgoing – drainage 3
with back pressure max 2 BAR
Swinging hitch for skid steer loader