Superdeck - Recoquip




Rectractable or Rigid

Platform for High-Climbers – Loading platforms with best working safety and great design.

FE Eichinger offers you loading platforms in high quality. Accordingly long in bulky material can be delivered to the respective floors of the buildings. The flexible retractable version FE 1700.1 only juts out from the building when the platform is in use. At other times, the building facade remains crane-friendly and projection-free. The retractable Superdecks can be put among each other.

The rigid Superdeck FE 1700.2 is the lower-priced version and is ideal for saving time and boosting construction efficiency within a restricted equipment budget. The fixed projection outside the building is up to 400 cm.
Both platforms enable an extra-flat access to building floor ensures optimal access for barrows, pallet wagons and forklifts.

The loading platforms are optionally retractable to guarantee comfortable transport and safe and easy installation with cranes.


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