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Suction unit DISAB CompVac


COMPVAC is an electrical powered suction unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. The retractable legs make it easy to adjust the discharge outlet height over ground, to fit the type of open skip or container the customer prefer to use. The unit is in most applications used as a free standing suction unit, only with the connection of a 3” or 4” hose. However the unit is also suitable for fixed installations, connected to a fixed installed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

• Robust unit for temporary mobile use
• Manual discharge into any type of open skip.
• Power alternatives 12,5 or 16,5 kW
• CEE power intake for 32 or 63 A respectively
• Filter system for dry and moist material
• Automatically ATM filter cleaning system, no compressed air
• Complete start/stop and controls system
• Retractable legs
• Various options of safety filters