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Suction unit DISAB BagVac


BagVac is an electrical powered suction unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. With this type of legs its easy to adjust the discharge outlet height, to fit any size of big-bag used. The unit is in most applications used as a free standing suction unit with the connection of a 3” or 4” hose.
However the unit is also suitable for fixed installations, connected to a fixed installed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

WHY BagVac
• Robust unit for temporary mobile use
• Automatically big-bag filling of collected material
• Power alternatives 12,5 or 16,5 kW
• CEE power intake for 32 or 63 A respectively
• Filter system for dry and moist material
• Automatically ATM filter cleaning system, without compressed air
• Complete start/stop and controls system
• Retractable legs for easy adjustment to various big-bags
• Various options of safety filters