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BSC – Stone Crushers

Unrivalled crushing capacity
Capable of handling stony soil between 35 and 40 cm deep.
Wide granulometry range due to its adjustable hydraulic anvil suitable for all types of construction site (from 0-20 to 0-100 / Stone absorption 0-600)

The BSC is the solution for :
Preparing the subgrade before application of hydraulic binding materials (such as roadbeds, motorways, roads, railway tracks, etc.)
Crushing material extracted during the excavation of pipeline beds
Marking out and preparing ski runs or forest paths…

Ease of use…
Daily maintenance is reduced due to the installation of centralized lubricating equipment ensuring lubrication of all the crusher’s main parts.
Total and complete accessibility to all parts of the transmission system.

A clean crusher
Any excess of grease on the transmission bearings is stored in collectors.


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