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STABI / H Heavy Duty Soil Stabilizer



Quality, robustness and high-productivity; the new series of stabilizers for FAE’s Stabi/H tractors guarantees excellent
performance. Built according to FAE’s high manufacturing standards,

Stabi/H stabilizers are your powerful allies in stabilizing terrains for construction and road maintenance. In addition to their structural robustness, the Stabi/H stabilizers feature an innovative processing system; the mobile rotor exits from the mixing chamber thereby permitting the machine to work at a depth of 40 cm. What are its advantages? Constant homogeneity of the product at any depth, a reduction in operating costs (less fuel) and work times.

Together with the availability of the tools that can be attached to the rotor and the conformation of the mixing chamber, this new system makes the Stabi/H series the solution for those who want positive, high-quality results.

1 Standard skid up to a depth of 40 cm.
2 Mobile rotor controlled by cylinders.
3 Wide Loading opening protected by chains.
4 Separate double cooling circuit for the lateral transmission.
5 Dedicated cooling system for gearboxes (only for the HP version) with easy maintenance filter.
6 Inspection ports for easy maintenance.
7 High-performance automatic water injection system (optional).
8 Cylinder opening hood to control output materials with optional opening sensors.
9 Rotor integrated transmission.
10 Optional bonnet hinges with damper.