SRM Series - Shuttle Machines - Recoquip

SRM Series – Shuttle Machines


State of the art machine for rotational moulding, with reduced floor space and high load capacity.

Possible configuration with 1 or 2 carriages, with central oven and two stations on each side of the oven for cooling/loading/unloading.

The same arm can do two consecutive cycles, whilst the other is either waiting or is being serviced, or not operational due to tests or for arm change to straight or offset.

Computerised and automatic operation, independent of time and temperature settings for each arm, and therefore for each mould or combination of moulds.

Optimal choice for the production of very large parts, of different materials, with various thicknesses and with different quality levels .

SRM Series

Working Cycle
Configuration upto 3 stations for maximum operational flexibility:

  • Cooking and forming of the part in the central oven;
  • Side stations for cooling, loading or unloading;
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation;
  • Electronically controlled burner for minimum consumption with different fuels;
  • Heating via high velocity air circulation in closed circuit;
  • Adjustable deflectors to optimize the moulds heating air flow;
  • Optimized heating distribution via fixed panels mounted on the carriages;
  • Steel cooling covers with high capacity fans (as option);
  • Optimal cooling possibilities with air or water mist;
  • High load carriages, movable on rails;
  • Primary and secondary rotation movements through gear wheels and gearmotors controlled by frequency inverters;
  • Straight/offset arms with very high loading capacity contained in a one-piece group, easily replaceable and held on both sides of the carriages;
  • Operator interface with touch screen for complete control of the operational cycle in the language of the client;
  • Real time measurement and adjustment of the oven temperature;
  • Remote operator console for easy loading and unloading operations.