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SpreadMaster Chip Spreader



The new Parker ‘Spreadmaster’ asphalt chipping spreader has been designed as the ultimate solution for surface dressing works. Controls have been greatly simplified with all chipping spreader and drive controls centralised on a single joystick control and steering by conventional steering wheel. With a variable width twin section front aggregate hopper which is continuously expandable and a series of cut off gates the chipper is capable of spread widths of 300mm to 4.4 metres.
The power unit and drive train have been designed to enable high speed travel capability between jobs to minimise down time and maximise productivity.

  • Simple operating controls minimise time needed for operator training
  • High travel speed between sites to reduce down time
  • Accurate rate of spread of chippings without overlaps
  • Spread widths from 300mm to 4.40 metres
  • Powerful 260hp engine to cope with demanding terrain
  • Four wheel hydraulic drive


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