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Sludge thickeners

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The sludge treatment in any type of treatment plant, both municipal water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant or industrial wastewater treatment plant, is important and has management costs comparable to (sometimes higher than) the costs of water treatment. It is therefore very important to thicken the sludge before conveying it to subsequent treatments and dewatering it as much as possible before the final disposal.
SERECO designs and manufactures gravity thickeners, dynamic thickeners, gravity tables. These equipment can normally be used alternatively and they are included in the process of reduction of the percentage of water in the sludge upstream further treatments such as drying beds, belt presses or centrifuges, drying systems.
It is always recommended to complete sludge thickeners with SERECO polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing units and with a sludge pre-reactor dimensioned each time to ensure a contact time between sludge and polyelectrolyte in order to obtain an optimum flocculation.
IFCC – Sludge thickener with central drive
IFTP – Sludge thickener with peripheral drive
IFD – Dinamic sludge thickener ING – Gravity belt thickener
PDPA – Automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing unit