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Skips to Simplify Transport


Pall Skip

Bulk material skip with crane lugs for attaching a 4-leg crane sling; stackable with lifting eyes; rugged heavy duty design. Available with removable lid.

Brick Carrying Skip – moveable trolley

Including retractable trolley with wood pallet and welded-on approved chain for moving packs of bricks through openings in the building or into scaffolding. Trolley is retractable into scaffolding. Built in conformance with official labour safety regulations.

Brick Carrying Skip – self balancing cage

Consisting of a brick cage, a spreader bar and a ballast box. The equalizing beam is used to transport loads of all kinds through openings in a building or a scaffolding. Due to to the leveling tackle, the crane rope is no longer in line with the centre of gravity of the brick cage but lies outside the line of the building or scaffolding.


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