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Skeletal trailers



The new generation Buiscar Skeletal trailers for the container handling are the result of more than 40 years experience. Buiscar Skeletal trailers are well known in ports because of there excellent quality and durability of smartly designed sturdy constructions combined with low maintenance axles and tandem configurations which have proven to be suitable for the most severe circumstances.


  • Smart designs and use of high tensile steel materials
  • Methods according the highest Standards
  • Stable platform structures by use of specific design methods
  • Special designed single axle or tandem axle configurations
  • Load capacities up to 70tons
  • Suitable for ISO containers (2x)20ft, 40ft or 45ft
  • Corner guides and/or centre pins for ISO positions
  • Corner less platforms with round top container guides
  • Gravity hinged container stoppers
  • Clearly marked container positions from top view
  • Fully plated King-Pin section with sliding angle
  • Well proven/chosen wheel/tyre combinations
  • Fixed or adjustable landing legs
  • Reflective corner and side markings for safety
  • Finish with a 3 layer or 4 layer epoxy paint system 
  • Low maintenance which leads to the lowest TCO


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