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Sitemix Static & Transportable Concrete Plants



Parker Sitemix concrete batching plants can be provided in either static or transportable form and with differing levels of specification to suit individual contract and site production features and requirements.

Sitemix Static

The static design plants are bespoke, high capacity, static concrete plants that can be tailored to both ready mixed concrete and mortar applications and are capable of producing 80 to 120m/h of high specification compacted concrete in full continuous operation.

Key features of the static Sitemix plant include:

  • Multiple, high capacity aggregate storage bins with pneumatically operated radial batching doors and include low friction surface linings and vibrators when required.
  • Aggregate weigh conveyor for collection of recipe batched aggregate materials.
  • Batch weighed aggregate collecting / mixer delivery conveyor.
  • Vertical and horizontal cement storage silo options with bulk filling systems and protection.
  • Cement feed delivery screw conveyors feeding to plant mounted cement batch weigh hoppers.
  • Modular high speed, high efficiency pan mixers with twin discharge load-out points if required.
  • Full access and maintenance platforms to operational areas.

Equipment options are also available including:

  • High capacity, twin shaft continuous mixer models available.
  • Dry batching, non-mixer variants available.
  • Capacities exceeding 120m/h available.
  • Fresh and recycled water supply tanks and circulation / delivery systems.
  • Multi option additive storage and delivery systems.
  • Fully sheeted, customer bespoke and environmentally sensitive plant designs.

Sitemix Transportable / Modular

Offering a unique approach to in-situ concrete production, the transportable Sitemix introduces complete portability to wet and dry concrete batch plant operation. Capable of producing up to 80m³ of compacted concrete, the Parker Sitemix range enables the contractor to produce high quality concrete on-site as and when required. Designed to be both low level and modular, the plants main components are assembled within container style frames allowing complete portability and ensuring minimum transportation and shipping costs.

All individual plant components, electrics, compressed air, water supplies and plant controls are pre-connected prior to dispatch and are designed for ease of dismantling and reassembly to ensure rapid on-site installation and commissioning.

Key features of the transportable / modular Sitemix plant include:

  • Unobtrusive low level design.
  • Modular container style construction.
  • Completely transportable and allowing fast installation.
  • Wet mix / Dry mix alternatives.
  • Alternative plant layouts and arrangements to ensure minimal site footprint.
  • Modular cement storage silos and delivery systems.
  • Plant mounted operator control cabin and integrated control systems.


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