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Multipurpose High Performances Compact AC inverter

SINUS H Main Options:

Graphic LCD keypad
All the models up to Sinus H 0030 can be equipped with a graphic LCD keypad (128×64 Pixels) with n.11 keys. Moreover,
the graphic LCD can be used as a Multi-Keypad feature. This function allows changing the parameters of multiple drives via
a single keypad . The graphic LCD installed on the master drive enables to access every drive (Slave) connected via inbuilt RS485 communication so that the users adjust and monitor parameters easily. The model Sinus H 0034 features the in-built Graphic LCD keypad as a standard.

Conduit Kits
An optional special NEMA1 kit is supplied to protect the terminals block.

Flange Kit
This option allows the heat sink to be installed outside the panel in order to improve the cooling capability.

Option boards:
– Profi bus DP,
– CANopen,
– Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP

Remote Monitoring:
The Hydrofast service collects the system data, aggregates and processes the measurements related to energy consumption, electric power and hydraulic power; monitors correct operation of the system and performs intuitive data plotting.


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