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Single-shaft shredder


The all-rounders for any application!

Achieving precision material breakdown in just a single operation: that’s the proven capability of the Erdwich single-shaft shredder.

How does it do it?
The material is taken up by the cutting rotor and shredded repeatedly against the stator blade, using the tried-and-tested rotor/stator principle. This continues until the desired size has been achieved and the material can pass through the perforated screen underneath. The result is impressive: superior efficiency and optimum reliability for predefined fragment sizes.

Choose the mature and highly economical technology of the ERDWICH single-shaft shredder for your application.

Technical features of the ERDWICH universal single-shaft shredder

  • Precise rotor/stator cutting system
  • Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs
  • Integrated perforated disk to sort piece sizes
  • Bulkhead seals to protect the shaft bearing
  • Application-specific drive and cutter element models
  • PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down