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Shear Balers Transportable CORSAIR ACL



CORSAIR ACL mobile shear balers are medium size mobile shear balers which incorporate the original patented TAURUS BLULINE “swinging wings system”. Corsair ACL mobile shear balers are built on a “single piece” self-supporting frame. The rear of the frame supports: the main compression cylinder, a diesel engine, as well as all electric and hydraulic components. As with all TAURUS BLULINE shear balers, the Corsair ACL series include original TAURUS BLULINE twin “swinging compression wings” with over stroke function on both wings (patent pending). The over stroke function increases the density of the scrap while significantly minimizing frictional wear within the squeeze box. The squeeze box liners as well as the internal and external surface of both wings incorporate highly wear resistant Hardox steel. Corsair ACL shear balers are equipped with 4 lifting jacks to enable easy and fast loading and unloading from a mobile trailer. Two additional hydraulic jacks at the rear of the shear provide extra stability during use. The shear baler can be used on any hard flat surface and is easy to set up and operate making it particularly suitable for recycling companies with several yards or to rent out to third parties. As well as the traditional shearing function, Corsair ACL shear balers can also produce bales with an automatic bale ejection function.


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