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Shear Balers Stationary GIANT AGS



AGS “GIANT” shear balers are powerful and fast with best in class performance. AGS shears incorporate a heavy structure (HS); no foundations are needed, as all AGS series shears are equipped with a solid supporting frame. The frame provides protection for the hydraulic piping, and protections are available for all the critical parts (cylinders, shear head, etc.)  as well as for the main pushing cylinder. Incorporating the original TAURUS BLULINE twin “swinging wings system” with overstroke on both wings (patent pending). The over stroke function increases the density of the scrap while significantly minimizing frictional wear within the squeeze box. The squeeze box liners as well as the internal and external surface of both wings incorporate highly wear resistant Hardox steel. The shear head incorporate interchangeable wear plates made of wear resistant steel to ensure a long service life.



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