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Shear Baler Stationary RAPID ARS



Shears baler ARS are traditional machines USED FOR HEAVY DUTY LOADS, with the original “TAURUS” compression box with “swinging lids” and overstroke. They also sport a new tail design to better support main pushing cylinder, more powerful diesel engines or double electrical engines. Compare to ACS family, ARS machine have a bigger shear opening (1000x 700)The ACS shear baler not need foundations being equipped with a support structure in which run the pipes of the hydraulic system, The structure also supports shelters to protect the cylinder. These machine’s frame is in 2 connected parts, one supporting box and shear head, the other one for the motors, oil tank and hydraulic system. The compression system, patented, is defined by a box in which, longitudinally and laterally to the base, are hinged the two swinging lids.
The main cylinder ( on request ) can be equipped with a longitudinal cover to protect the cylinder during the entire process..
The side of the box as well as the internal and external surfaces of the lids are made of wear-resistant steel. Both lids have overstroke. The shear parts particularly subjected to wearing are protected by plates made of high strength steel, screwed and interchangeable.

The wear between the guides of the shear is compensated acting on eccentric pins, guaranteeing precise guidance even after long operation time.

The guides are made of  hardened steel coupled with synthetic material: this choice allows to incorporate in the plastic material extraneous matter which would otherwise damage the guides.
The synthetic material is also self-lubricating.



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