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Self Bunded Tanks



For Bitumen Emulsion Storage

Self contained tanks complete with an integral 110% capacity bund
The units are easily transportable and only require a suitable hard standing and electrical supply for siting.
In response to the need for compliance with increasing environmental standards Parker has developed a range of Self Bunded Tanks for the storage of bitumen emulsions.

With thermostatically controlled electric heating to maintain temperature, an onboard pumping system for loading, offloading and circulation and an agitator for product mixing they provide the complete answer for storage of a wide range of bitumen emulsions including bondcoats and velocity patching materials.

  • Self contained units specifically designed for bitumen emulsion storage
  • Hook lift, static and mobile units are available
  • Fully thermostatically controlled heating
  • Built in stirring to prevent product settlement
  • Low shear pumping system


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