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Scrap Shredder M137J to M168J ‘Redmill’


New environmental concerns and increasingly higher demands from steel works make processing light scrap, white scrap, appliances and WEE using traditional means uneconomical. The justified demand from steel mills for a cleaner denser scrap means it is time for a rethink. The Taurus Redmill is the ideal solution when it comes to processing collected and white scrap as it transforms uneconomical light scrap in to high density high value mill feed.
Compared to traditional full sized shredders the Minimill enjoys the following benefits:

• Small overall dimensions
• Low labour requirements
• Low energy consumption
• Low capital outlay and a quick return on investment
• Low maintenance costs
• Less environmental and noise issues

The Taurus Redmill is built on its own solid frame which reduces vibrations and eliminates the need for expensive foundations. As there is no need for foundations compliance issues are also reduced. Down stream separation of ferrous from non ferrous metal content equates to a 95 ÷ 97% pure ferrous metal content. Processed scrap is uniform with a high density rate of 1000 kg/m³.

The Taurus Redmill is the timely answer for business who want to create high value high density scrap without the large capital outlay and continued high operating costs of a full sized shredder.


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