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Safety Net

Safety net for transport securing can be hooked in welded-on hooks.

Safety Cage

For attaching to loading fork FE 1052, FE 1053, FE 1054 and FE 1056. With pin system for easy fitting. To
pick up the pallet the front elements are opened 270° and fastened to the side elements. Advantage: Little space needed to accommodate the pallets.

Loading Box

Loading box in sturdy tubular frame construction with riffle sheet floor. It is suitable for euro or industry
pallets. Suitable for fork lift truck and crane forks (please check prong length) or crane chain hangers.

Caged Crane Fork

Automatic weight compensation by compression spring. Ball-bearing, maintenance-free steel role guide in top section. Width infinitely adjustable from 450 to 1000 mm by moving the prongs manually. The cage is raised while the pallet is being picked up and is lowered during transportation.


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