Rotainer - Recoquip


2009, Container Rotation Systems ( introduced Australia’s first 360-degree container rotator, trademarked Rotainer® Commissioned for D P World, Port Adelaide, Australia.

Initially, its primary role was loading parcels of approximately 70 000 tonnes of DSO Iron Ore for IMX Resources, Automated Lid Lifting following not long after for copper concentrate applications.

Since then, CRS has continued to enhance its systems and built a client base which sees its products successfully operating in 10 Counties around the World, from the extreme temperatures of Central Africa to the arduous conditions of Northern Canada.

CRS is currently the only one-stop solution for rotational, containerised bulk handling equipment.

2020 Showcases the launch of the Rotainer® 2020 program which encompasses several new products such as the Rotainer® Eurospec M H Range, Ezzelid™, Tiltainer®, Skiptainer® load and Dump.

The Rotainer® M.H. Container Rotainers are purpose-designed for Large Materials Handlers, Mobile Harbour Cranes and Ships Cranes, furthermore, CRS now adds to its container range the Ezzelid ™ Self Opening Lid System, a new concept for cost-effective, simplified lid opening together with our Skiptainer® Load and Dump system which allows for loading in the ships hold as well as discharge