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RIC Compaction


• PVE RIC rigs are equipped with reliable PVE NL series impact hammers
• Easy exchange of versatile PVE impact hammer from RIC rig to piling rig
• PVE RIC rigs are equipped with MeasureStrike monitoring system
• Unique in-situ compaction test monitoring system measuring improved soil parameters
• PVE RIC rigs are available with GPS positioning system

Unique product features
The PVE RIC rigs are equipped with the PVE NL Series hydraulic impact hammers and MeasureStrike system. The NL series type hammers are accelerated, sound insulated and guarantee the highest quality. The PVE hammers are made in our own factory in the Netherlands.
The impact hammers are versatile in use, easy to maintain and light in weight. Other features or the PVE RIC rigs are:
• Smart designed connection between mono boom and multipurpose PVE hammer
• Wide range of compaction foots from Ø 1000 mm up to Ø 3000 mm
• Shock-resistant electronic connectors & HQ electronic cable
• Base machine driving hydraulic impact hammer without separate power pack
• Possibility for additional accessories such as special type of compaction foots
• Easy mobilization and demobilization of complete base machine including impact hammer.


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