PROFESSIONAL Piston - Recoquip



Available Models: PROF Piston  105, PROF Piston  125, PROF Piston  150, PROF Piston  180


Hydraulic cutting head for mini excavators from 8,0 to 15,0 ton and for miniskids, loaders and telescopics till 10 ton. Suitable for use in the maintenance of public and private green, in agriculture, construction and little deforestation.

Standard Equipment:

Steel frame with internal counter-frame double frame
Transmission with toothed belt in kevlar on toothed pulleys
Static knife in HARDOX and wire trap system
Front protection openable, adjustable and / or removable
Rear roller Ø 140 mm with 4 tapered roller bearings and
interchangeable central body thickness 6 mm, adjustable in height
Replaceable skids
Front and rear protection rubber
”Helicocut 6.4” rotor with flail “C“
Spherical roller bearings on double sphere row
Asportable oscillating plate
Unidirectional engine at axial pistons with external drainage
3connection hoses ingoing, outgoing and drainage with max
backpressure 2 BAR
Anticavitation valve