PRM Series - Independent Carriage Machines - Recoquip

PRM Series – Independent Carriage Machines


State of the art of rotational moulding.

Provides for high productivity, maximum flexibility and energy efficiency. Configurations can be increased from 1 to 4 carriages.

Automatic and independent control of time and temperature for each arm, and therefore for each mould or moulds configuration.

Possibility to choose the optimal situation for multiple productions of different articles, different materials, different thicknesses and different quality levels.

PRM Series

Working Cycle

Available with up to 6 stations for maximum flexibility:

  • Cooking and moulding the article;
  • Intermediate phase waiting for cooling;
  • Mould cooling station;
  • Waiting station for mould opening;
  • Material loading;
  • Waiting or pre-moulding station for second layer or sandwich.

Depending on the customer requirements, the work stations can be arranged in a different way.