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The municipal and industrial sludge dewatering process offer several advantages:

  • Decrasing in transport and disposing costs, by reducing the volume of sludge. Furthermore the sludge movement may be improved by using sludge conveyor;
  • To facilitate incineration by reducing the water content, which in consequence decreases the calorific value and the leachate production;
  • Recovery of solid product in industrial processes;
  • Recovery of wash water used in inert industry and agricultural plants processes etc.

Therefore it can be used in different sectors:

  • The food sector and wine industry: for wine must filtration and polishing, or even in the distillation process to separate the food  acids(e.g. tartaric acid) etc;
  • The hot-dip galvanizig process to recover material, such as zinc salt, from the electrolytic solution;
  • Pharmaceutical industry: many medicins, vaccines, antibiotics use filtration processes;
  • Inert washing processes: water is recovered and re-emitted in the same process, minimizing waste. For example It may be useful in areas with problems in water resources, where is necessary a decrease in water waste;
  • Recovery of contaminated soils: to remove the pollutant after chemical treatments;
  • Wastewater treatment system: to recover water from industrial sludge;
  • Water purification process to perform dewatering of sludge obtained during sedimentation.