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Pile Hammers


PVE ‘NL Series’ Hammers and MeasureStrike system

PVE has introduced the fully new line of ‘NL Series’ hydraulic hammers. PVE’s strategy is to integrate the latest available
environmental friendly technologies to optimize performance and efficiency. The ‘NL Series’ type hammers
are accelerated, sound insulated and guarantee the highest quality and they are made in the Netherlands. Still the
hammers are versatile in use, easy to maintain and light in weight. The new ‘NL Series’ hammers are able to give
very small blows and are also offered with the unique ‘MeasureStrike’ system. The ‘MeasureStrike’ data monitoring
system provides data measurement and registration on the energy, blow count and parameters like depth, driving
time and pile number.

The ‘NL Series’ hammers are not only very efficient and fast in their operation, they are also sound insulated making
the noise decrease by about 25%. With help of the new accumulator and cylinder system the impact hammers are
accelerated by 20% creating a higher efficiency and a higher daily pile production. PVE is also able to offer hydraulic
power packs with bio-degradable oil, stage 4 engines and full sound insulation. PVE offers the ‘NL Series’ hammer in
a range of 3 till 18 tons dropweight.


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