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In every water and sewage treatment plant the good operation requires the installation of several penstocks, weirs and telescopic valves.
SERECO proposes a wide range of these equipment for the interception and adjustment like channel or wall mounted penstocks, of different dimensions, adjustable weirs for aeration tanks, distribution and collection boxes, and other applications as well as a wide range of telescopic valves.
All the penstocks are designed in accordance with the specifications recommended by ANSI / AWWA C 560-00, particularly as regards the calculation of the necessary lifting force and the hydraulic seal limits.
SERECO has always taken care of the problems of the plant operators and aims at improving the working conditions in general. For this reason it has studied for all the equipment controlled by screw and handwheel the possibility to minimize the operation efforts by proposing models with manually operated gearbox or, even better, with electric actuator. In this case the plant can be automated with a considerable reduction of personnel.
P2V – Double-screw sluice gate
PV – Manual sluice gate with handwheel
PVR – Sluice gate with manual gearbox PI – Stop log
SRC – Adjustable hinged weir
SRP – Gate style adjustable weir
VT – Telescopic valve