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Pactor SP-3 and SP-5




The original and stablemate of its heavier siblings used in landfill operations, the Pactor embankment, roadbed and pipeline soil compactors deliver the highest most consistent material densities possible through a self-propelled, wheeled unit.

Crucial to the stability and longevity of roadway, pipeline and other soil embankments is the proper preparation of the subgrade level of the structure. CMI Pactors are an important tool to civil and energy infrastructure builders around the world to ensure the high performance of these structures.

Today’s surface transportation infrastructure, designed and largely built decades ago, is carrying volumes of traffic and carrying weights that weren’t necessarily anticipated in those times. With population and economic growth, truck traffic will continue to grow with cargo weights ever increasing along with the number of passenger vehicle miles traveled. These unrelenting pressures will exert ever higher forces on both concrete and asphalt roadway surfaces.

Roadway surface failure analysis reveals that a vast majority of failures such as cracking, pavement rutting and ‘pot-holes’ actually originates from the sub-structure. A key step in ensuring that the sub-structure can retain the proper strength to support the roadway pavement structure, as well as the designed traffic load, is properly compacting the load bearing soil lying beneath.

The solution to achieving high density and uniformly compacted soils is the use of a CMI Pactor. Available in two sizes, the Pactor is a high speed soil and embankment compactor with features that can deliver the high quality soil density substructure qualities necessary for long lasting structures sought after by todays infrastructures designers.


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