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In every potable water treatment plant, municipal and industrial sewage treatment plant and sea water treatment, mixers and agitators are necessary and present.
The wide range of SERECO mixers includes the type of mixers suitable for any use. High-speed agitators for the reagent mixing (EEM), the dissolution of powder products (E4PI), for flashmixing (EPS, E2PI), slow agitators for flocculation (EC, E4PA), specific agitators for denitrification or soft mixing (ETSD). In particular, the standard or modified mixer EPS model can be used for many applications thanks to the high hydraulic efficiency of its impeller with Sabre profile blades.
Each type of mixer is available in different size, powers and different material of construction and finishing suitable for various applications.
EC – Gate type electric agitator
EEM – Electric agitator, marine screw propeller type
EPS – Electric agitator with Sabre profile blades
ETSD – Electric agitator with submerged turbine for denitrification
E2PI – Electric agitator with two sloping blades
E4PA – Electric agitator with four axial blades
E4PI – Electric agitator with four sloping blades