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METALL-I-CAN Multi-Purpose Metal and Oil Filter Baler



Metallican is the latest in the range of JMC metal balers and one of the fastest. It produces up to 20 bales of metal per hour and is able to act as an oil filter baler, baling over 1 tonne an hour of aluminium cans. The Metallican baler is a general purpose machine with an automatic hopper feed so it is ideal for all non ferrous grades, particularly aluminium and steel cans and it’s also perfect for oil filters. All that Metallican needs is a supply of material and once started the operator is free to load or unload the machine or attend to other aspects of your business. Metallican will process up to 1200kg of drinks cans per hour, producing dense bales which weigh between 12 and 14kg.

Although ideal for aluminium cans, non ferrous metals and oil filters, Metallican is also suitable for many other materials and applications where automatic volume reduction or product destruction is required.


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