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The original, high performance counter-flow unitized drum mixer, the Magnum series has set the standard for more than thirty years, in mix quality and durability still out of reach by other manufacturers.

Considered by many as the industry bellwether, the Magnum still sets the industry standard for a unitized drum mixer.

The efficiency and predictability of daily performance of the CMI Magnum series has proven to be valuable to operators of large stationary installations as well as highly mobile paving companies running CMI Super Portable series of asphalt plants.

This is part of the family of counter-flow drum mixers that incorporates the latest in counter-flow technology and is capable of meeting the most stringent air quality regulations, providing improved mix quality and lower cost per ton.

Available as portable drums in capacities from 225 to 500tph and as relocatable and stationary drums in capacities from 225 to 600tph, Magnum drums move virgin aggregates and RAP materials counter to the flow of the exhaust gas inside the drum.

Virgin aggregate is dried and heated by the exhaust gas in front of the burner flame.

The aggregate then moves behind the flame into a mixing chamber that is isolated from the hot gas stream. It is here that the liquid asphalt, additives, fines and RAP materials are added to the mix.

  • Field proven counterflow technology
  • 30% + RAP with low maintenance costs and a single shell design
  • Tuneable performance provided by indexing slingers
  • Longest mixing zone in the industry produces high quality material
  • Super Portables have fast setup and tear down times for high mobility
  • Available in Super Portable, Portable, Relocatable and Stationary configurations


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