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Incinerators mod. ECOTEC


Our waste incinerators mod. ECOTEC are discontinuous types of ovens with a static chamber.
They have been designed for thermo destruction of waste material having medium-high lower calori-fic value (L.C.V.).

Studied to satisfy incineration requirements of hospitals, medical laboratories, small communities, cemeteries, shopping centers, airports and gum, paper, wood, agricultural industry etc.

The energy recovery system from gas combustion, fixed over each Ecotech oven, allows low running costs thanks to the improvement of combustion process and therefore the reduction of fuel consumption in comparison with standard ovens; if requested an additional system of energy recovery, for production of hot water with zero-costs, can be added to the oven.

Every EcoTech oven has a gas post-combustion chamber, fabricated to respect working parameters imposed by current antipollution regulations such as:

Working temperature: >850 °C > 1100 °C according to waste category
• Gas retention time in post-combustion: >2″
• Free oxygen level: >6%

The Scrubber type plant for wet treatment is connected with post combustion process of gas coming up from incineration chamber. Therefore our ECOTEC ovens emissions respond to the most restrictive and severe antipollution regulations.

ECOTEC incinerators have a destroying power varying from 40kg/h to 400kg/h.