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Grit and grease removal

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The process for grit and grease removal in a municipal or industrial sewage or wastewater treatment plant is usually placed just downstream the screening unit and before the sewage and wastewater treatments. A grit removal plant perfectly operating reduces clogging and wearing problems for the equipment, if any, installed downstream.
The range of products proposed for the grit and grease removal allows both the removal of sands from sewage and the possibility to discharge them with a high percentage of dry product and minimum quantity of organic substance and, for several types of sand traps, the contemporaneous removal and elimination of oily substances and grease.
This special treatment, besides reducing the organic load for the subsequent treatment processes, noticeably reduces the formation of scum as they perform a preliminary aeration of the sewage. The specific sheets provide the information required for a correct dimensioning and selection of the grit & grease removal unit which better complies with the specific requirements.

DPR – Rotating blade sand remover
DPRD – Rotating blade sand remover with oil and grease separator
PDRR – Degritting and degreasing scraper bridge for rectangular basin
PDRA – Degritting and degreasing suction bridge for rectangular basin DR – Grit removal unit
ES / ESA /ESC – Sand classifier
ESPP – Cantilever sand extractor
ICS – Hydro cyclone for sand