Greeny – ECOMODULO1100 - Recoquip

Greeny – ECOMODULO1100

EXTERNAL incentive systems for differentiated collection and REDUCTION of waste volumes


Outdoor surface station collection systems. Designed to encourage separate waste collection through intelligent workstations suitable for creating ecological islands for separate waste collection. The ECOMODULI series workstations envisage the use of standard 1100-liter DIN bins (medium volume on wheels for recycling), manual collection and emptying with rear or side-loading vehicles for the storage of waste.

The ECOMODULI series is very flexible and modular, allowing you to create ecological islands in public places, parks, campgrounds or in neighborhood waste collection areas, where the traditional separate collection combines with the aesthetic aspect, the elegant design of the ECOMODULI series.

1. Recycle 2. Reduce 3. Print 4. Save