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Fine screening

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Fine screening is used for the removal of suspended solid materials from water at the inlet of a municipal or industrial sewage treatment plant that could be settled in the subsequent plant sections and it reduces the content of BOD of sewage. Moreover fine screens are necessary in the case of MBR treatment in order to avoid the clogging of membranes.
In the other cases, as for rain waters or the discharge in sea, these treatments are not preliminary but they can represent the only intervention before the dispersion of sewage in the environment.
Fine screens proposed by SERECO have filtering gap between 15 and 6 mm, but most of the screens can be realized also for micro-screening or sieving with filtering gap from a minimum of 0,25 mm to 5 mm.
The filtering gap has to be chosen according to the type and quantity of the material and the chosen water treatment process scheme as well as the number of channels and their dimensions if the installation occurs in existing channel but all screens in this section can be supplied complete with prefabricated steel channel.

GFB – Mechanical fine bar screen
FC – Screw Filter
FCS – Shaftless screw filter
FSS/FSSM – Filter with screening screw
GNP – Belt screen with flat teeth
VTR – Rotating drum screen
GRS – Drum screen VS – Static sieve