Extruders - Recoquip



Available Models: EX65DD, EX85DD, EX105DD, EX160DD, EX50, EX55, EX65, EX85, EX90, EX105, EX125, EX160, EX200, EX30, EX55SD, EX65SD, EX85SD, EX105SD, EX125SD


P.R.T. has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of extruders for plastic recycling and processing. The extruder is essentially made of a cylinder inside which a duly designed plasticization screw rotates. A variable speed motor connected to a gearbox drives it. The thermoregulation zones located on the cylinder are made of: • electric heating elements closed in a stainless steel insulated cover, with reflecting parabola for energy recovery • thermocouples for temperature detection • cooling fans The extruder has an L/D ratio (length/diameter or screw pitch ratio) such as to assure always a correct and total mixing and plasticization of the product. The final material will be therefore characterized by being homogeneous and of high quality. The height of screw threads varies according to the zones material flows through: feeding, compression, degassing and plasticization zone. Screw and barrel are made of special nitride, hardened, tempered and stabilized steel, suitable for these applications. The extruder can be equipped with one or two degassing zones, votes to the elimination of gases and vapours released during the phase of plasticization. The degassing procedure is performed by means of liquid ring pumps, which creating the vacuum, suck up the gases trough condensation chambers. On the barrel are located gas extraction chambers provided with inspection door and manometer for vacuum control.