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EX patch planers

Models: EX 20, EX 20 HD, EX 30 HD, EX 45 HD, EX 60 HD


Patch planers in the EX range are ideally suited for the repair of asphalt surfaces, removal of contaminated concrete or milling layers of screed. Mechanical or hydraulic depth control makes milling to very accurate depth possible, to a maximum of 19 centimeters.

KEMROC patch planers are available in 5 different sizes with a model suitable for use on any excavator or alternative carrier in the operating weight range of 1 to 23 tons.

Regardless of whether horizontal, vertical or inclined – the EX range can be used on any surface orientation. KEMROC planers can even be used on overhead surfaces, as can be found for example, in some tunnelling applications. Patch planers produce clean, smooth cut edges (pre-cutting is not necessary) and a fine grained cut material that can be used in other applications.

Depending on the material to be milled, cutter drums can be fitted with different tooling variations. In addition, non-standard drum types and widths can be supplied to meet unusual working conditions and ensure the best performance possible.