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ETR chain trenchers

Models: ETR1, ETR2, ETR3


The ETR range of chain saw trenchers opens up a completely new range of opportunities for excavators.  For the first time, a trenching attachment for excavators that is not limited to working in soils but can work in rock with a compressive strength of up to 90 MPa.

The ETR trencher can produce straight trenches with perfect profiles in widths from 20 to 60 centimeters to a maximum depth of 2 meters.  Chose from a range of cutting chain widths, each fitted with wear resistant picks.

When starting the trench, the ETR is supported while sumping down to the desired cutting depth.  When the trencher has reached the required depth, the excavator is driven backwards or the trencher is pulled forward with the excavator arm.  The housing has a spoil discharger to deposit spoil to the side of the trench.