Dust Dominator DD4 - Recoquip


Flexible & Efficient Dust Suppression

This product creates a curtain of mist around discharge points and stock piling conveyors. The Dust Dominator comes with misting nozzles which can be tweaked to suit each customer’s application, in other words, nozzles can be added or removed.

1 x 4 – Section pipe ring with 5 x12mm sockets welded to each section.
One section has an additional 25mm socket.
20 x Nozzles
10 x 12mm galvanized plugs
4 x 32mm U-Bolts
4 x 25mm Steam Unions
4 x 25mm x 20mm Reducing Bush
4 x 20mm Swage Nipple
All parts are electro-galvanized

Optional Additional Extras
400mm Extender Arm (Increase the surface area of the ring by 400mm in all directions)
4 x Extra pipe section to suite dust ring with 3 x 12mm sockets. Male to female part union electro-galvanized and 400mm long.


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