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DEVEX The vacuum drying technology is one of the most economical and most gentle drying methods.
Due to the vacuum very low water evaporation temperatures can be reached. Aroma, product color and bulk
density can specifically be influenced by the process.

Vacuum Belt Dryers are used in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry and Chemical Industry.
DEVEX Vacuum Belt Dryers are designed for the continuous operation with liquid or solid products. The dried
granulate is also quasi-continuously discharged and can be removed under cleanroom conditions (GMP).
After the drying process, the product can be ground, filled and packaged.

Dryer Types:
▪ Continuous Vacuum Belt Dryer
▪ Continuous Vacuum Freeze Belt Dryer
▪ Vacuum Drying Cabinets
▪ Pilot Vacuum Dryer

Drying Processes:
▪ vacuum drying
▪ liquid freeze drying
▪ freeze drying of lumpy products / solids
▪ native drying without use of additives

Gentle drying of miscellaneous products:
▪ plant extracts
▪ fruit juice concentrates
▪ malt beverages
▪ pharmaceutical products
▪ hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP)
▪ instant coffee
CE-Certification, FDA, GMP, AD 2000