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Dissolved air flotator

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TDissolved air flotation (or dispersed air or DAF as acronym of dissolved air flotation) is used for many applications, mainly for active sludge thickening coming from secondary sedimentation and produced from chemical flocculation (chemical sludge). This allows the removal of suspended substances generally higher than the one achievable with the sedimentation by reducing the time of treatment.
The dissolved air flotators are widely used for the industrial wastewater treatment for the recovery of materials such as oil and grease and in all cases where the specific weight of suspended substances, of organic and/or inorganic nature and insoluble in water is equal to or lower than the weight of water.
The range of SERECO products also provides an effective dissolved air flotation system (DAF) both in circular and rectangular tanks designed to obtain excellent results, thanks to its compact shape, reliable operation and low maintenance.
DAF – Dissolved air flotator