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Die Face Cutters Pelletizing Systems


Available Models: WF, EP, AF


P.R.T. Service & Innovation offers a different range of frontal pelletizers. The first difference is the working fluid used to dry the cut pellets: water or air. The second difference is the system for the positioning of the impeller: mechanical or pneumatic. The hot granulation of thermoplastic materials is carried out directly on the extrusion surface, consisting of a die with several holes, on which acts a cutting device with blades. This device has the particularity of being able to vary and adjust the contact pressure of the blades on the surface of the die. Pelletizer unit, working on horizontal axis, offers the advantage of a non-deviated flow of the melted material between the extruder and the die, with a consequent reduction in the loss of pressure at equal capacity, and elimination of the stagnation points of the finished product. The internal cleaning is easier, quicker and more effective, above all when frequent changes of the color type of the material to granulate are necessary, noticeably reducing the quantity lost.